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System Requirements

For correct system work, on your server must be installed:

Installation and Setting

For installation, open file /system/data/config_sample.php in any text editor and put there your own settings (enter access coordinated to database MySQL, ip addresses of administrators, names and site address, maximum sizes of files and etc.) All the comments and descriptions of setting are located inside of the file.

Installing database

For correct work of engine requires MySQL database connection. Create a new database in control panel of your hosting provider and put it`s coordinates to config.php file:

'db' => array(
    'host' => 'localhost',
    'name' => 'Your database name',
    'user' => 'user',
    'pass' => 'password',
    'charset' => 'UTF8', // db charset (recommend - UTF8)
    'display_errors' => true,

Other parameters

Now, you will need to set a your site URL, title, description and keywords. For this, edit a main section in config.php file:

'site' => array(
    'url' => '',

    'title' => 'Your site title',

    'description' => 'site description for search engines',

    'keywords' => 'site tags for search engines',

    'allow_mobile' => true, // enable mobile version of site?
    'display_errors' => true, // display system errors
    'itemsPerPage' => 15, // items per page on "My files"

    'admins' => array( // array of admin IPs,

Attention! After changes in file config_sample.php, rename it to config.php!

All the rest will do script program, there is nothing else necessary from you.

If in the process of installation You will face any difficulties – write me on my email (it is pointed in the department Script support of this documentation). I will help You.


To update script to the newest version just upload UPDATE folder to Your server and replace existing files. Nothing more needs to be done.

Attention! Before any changes save existing site directory for unforeseen consequences.


The engine is built on the basement of indication templates, that is why You will be able to transform the physical form of the whole system beyond recognition without any edits in the engine.

There are two types of templates in the engine:

  1. Mobile (location - /template/mobile/)
  2. Desktop (/template/desktop/)

If in the script configuration is turned on the use of the mobile version, then with the entry from mobile devices (only smartphones and cell phones, tablets are shown full version) will be used templates /template/mobile/ folder, otherwise from - /template/desktop/.

In the templates is used Smarty-similar marking, that why you will not have to correct any PHP code. Only HTML.


Templates’ variables







Static pages

You are able to create unlimited number of static pages. The process of creation is unlikely simple: you only have to create file with page title(on latin, for example - exmplpage.tpl) in /template/pages/ folder of the following content:

{title=|Page title for tag title|}

{description=|Page description for meta-tag description|}


Here is page content. HTML code is allowed.

After this the page will be available by the address

Server Installation

If on your server is installed Nginx, then for downloading of large files (more than 80-150Mbyte) you have to change its configuration. As a rule, by default the max. size of downloaded file is 80-100 Mbyte, but sometimes can be 150Mbyte.

For change of NGINX configuration, you have to correct /etc/nginx/nginx.conf file on your server. Open it, and then find the line like client_max_body_size 16m; change it on client_max_body_size 300m;. Here - 300m, is the maximum size of the downloaded file in megabyte.

After these actions you can to reload NGINX in console. You can do it by command - service nginx restart (for Debian and Ubuntu). Reloading will take not more than 10 seconds. After this changes will come into force.

If you don’t have ROOT access to server or can’t change this meaning by yourself, we recommend to turn to Your hosting-provider, in order it could increase this meaning by himself.

Sources and Credits

In the engine used the following third-party software:

Script Support

About all questions and offers according to the engine write on email - or from my profile on CodeCanyon. In one day I will try to answer you.

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